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Johnny Cee

Johnny Cee

Goal Johnny Cee is a musician in Milwaukee, WI who I first heard on the album Dog Eared Dream by Willy Porter while I was in college.  The drums really stood out to me as being unique and expressive.  I actually had to learn one of the songs as a cover for a band I was playing in at the time and ended up playing along to the whole album just for fun.  I was instantly a fan of the band, and the drummer and have been ever since.  Many years later, I have come to know John and his......

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Liv's Drink Emporium Craft Coffee Craft Sodas

Liv’s Drink Emporium

Goal My sister asked me to come up with the branding for her new business, "Liv's Drink Emporium".  My sister and her husband have five kids and they know how expensive it can be for a meal out. With that in mind, they keep our prices low. You can get drinks and snacks for your family at a price that would normally cost the price of a single meal at an upscale restaurant in town.  I wanted to present the Emporium as an upscale establishment and not portray it as a budget shop.  Just because the food is cheap doesn't......

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hello cello

Hello Cello

Goal Hello Cello wears a lot of hats!  Thea Vorass (my wife) offers cello lessons, studio sessions,  band promotion, booking, and social media management.  With all of these services, her website needed a cohesive look and easy to use interface to display her many services and talents. How I achieved it I talked to Thea about how she wanted the site to look and feel.  The lines of the cello are fluid and curved and we wanted to portray that throughout the design so I used this as the main design feature.  I had created her logo last year and......

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Jake Mockup

Somewhere Else

Artwork for a single release for a very nostalgic, well-written country song by Jake called “Somewhere Else”. Over the phone, Jake told me about a house that was falling down near a big tree in a country field. I wanted to capture this moment and show it as a memory so I placed the photo...

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Put Yourself In Their Shoes.

Growing up, a lesson I learned very early on was to “put yourself in other people’s shoes”.  This basically means to have empathy for other people.  The ability to feel empathy is a great asset to have when it comes to creating websites and user experiences.  As a developer, you can tend to get buried...

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Advice To My Younger Self

I hate having that “what if” question and I’ve grown to accept the decisions that I’ve made but I hope this might help someone out there who has some big choices to make. What’s stopping you? You are. So just do it. Start today.