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20″ Versa Stack

And now for something totally different!

And now for something totally different! I just recorded a dance track with the three mic setup. I went for a much deeper and warmer fat kick drum sound and added an organic “clap” sound with this Versa 20″ Stack that I’ve obviously used the heck out of. Anyway, I love getting new sounds. This...

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Drum Recording with 3 Mics

It doesn’t take a lot of mics to get a great drum recording.  Here’s a recent recording I did with just three mics.  A kick drum mic, overhead mic and a mic placed at the back of the room.  I like how raw and crunchy the drums turned out.  Want this for your next project,...

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Real Fitness

REAL Fitness

Here's a logo I did for the owner of the gym I go to. She's started a personalized program to help people reach their fitness goals. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact Jen Smith. If you need branding, design, or a website, give me a shout....

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This time I wanted to make a playthrough of my own song so here's a drum cover of a song I wrote with my band SACRED called Maker. Hope you like it....

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