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Childhood Cancer Research

Childhood Cancer Foundation

Goal Cancer is the #1 cause of disease death for children in the United States, yet only receives 4% of funding. The goal was simple, to raise one million dollars for childrens cancer research. How I achieved it I created one time and monthly subscription donation forms that collect not only the donation amount, but also options to dedicate their donation in the memory of someone, include their name on a donation list or remain anonymous. These options are fed into the form and generated into a list of donors on the sidebar of the donation page and then translated......

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Youth 2 Youth

Youth 2 Youth 4 Change

About The Project Youth2Youth’s mission is to reduce substance abuse among youth and promote healthy lifestyles through education and advocacy. I have been designing and coding their website since around 1999. The re-design called for two sites in one. This time around we wanted to make sure we translated everything for our Spanish students so we have a handy Spanish site. This isn't your ordinary Google Translate button, the pages are duplicated in WordPress with WPML. We had a native spanish speaker translate each page to ensure the translations were correct. We also added a brand new podcast where users......

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SACRED Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Goal SACRED wanted to make their release one to remember with an experience that gave their fans something they would want to share with their friends. How I achieved it I created an augmented reality scene for each of the two single releases as well as the full length release.  After downloading the BLUairspace app users can scan the back of the CD, or a magnet which they can get from the band and watch scenes spring to life!  The scene can be adjusted or replaced entireley depending on what event or promotion the band has in place....

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Private Aviation

Private Aviation Website

Goal Travel is not just about getting from point A to point B—it’s the details in between.  This luxury private aviation website's aim is make your next trip the one to remember. How I achieved it This custom WordPress theme used extensive css animation to achieve a feeling openness and movement without being overbearing.  The number one thing we wanted our users to know is that they have a 24/7 staff working for you to take care of the entire trip from start to finish.  "Book A  Flight" is featured prominently making it easy to book a trip at any......

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luxury realty

Luxury Realty Website

Goal This luxury realty group in Chicago has worked with thousands of clients and provides market expertise and access to all of the luxury apartments in downtown Chicago.  They needed an easy way to display all of the apartments currently available throughout the various neighborhoods of downtown Chicago. How I achieved it This custom WordPress theme streamlined the search process for prospective renters.  The listings are tied into a custom MLS database and fed through wordpress posts.  Each neighborhood has a unique landing page with featured apartments and points of interest plotted out by color on a custom google map....

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Night Club Website

Night Club Website

Goal This chain of nightclubs is the total entertainment experience! The clubs feature live entertainment along with full drink menus.  Their franchise numbers are growing and they needed a way to promote their party and events hosting as well as daily specials. How I achieved it I created a common set of templates that can be shared between locations, making it easy to update common sets of data between global attributes or specific location data.  Location specific edits can be drilled down to customize any content type on the page, as each location requires unique attributes....

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home page

Pizza Website

Goal Since 1959, this pizza chain has been serving the Chicago area and expanding.  With the expansion of franchises, they needed a digital hub to easily help their customers find and order from their favorite pizza place, get the latest pizza app updates and even learn more about the history of how this tradition of pizza making started. How I achieved it I created a custom from-scratch WordPress theme that combines an easy to use back end with a tasty looking front end.  I used Advanced Custom Fields (ACFs) to populate geolocations based on the franchise locations' latitude and longitude. ......

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SACRED homepage


Goal SACRED wanted to promote their new album as well as the singles the led up to the release.  The goal was to let their users know they have new music available and provide links to purchase the tracks as well as show supporting media as well as live show announcements. How I achieved it I created a dark, textured themes to showcase the band's gritty hard rock music and display their album artwork, photos, posters and videos.  Each release is showcased front and center on the front page behind a featured video.  SACRED went a step further and added......

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